1. Bok Bok Be Gok! Cheeseburger Date #20


    Shots of what? Find out below..


    (John McCormick & I)

    I was all too excited when John Mccormick, hairstylist to the stars, & Erin Short of The Hair Nerds, assembled a Post ISSE Hair Show Cheeseburger Date at Hamburger Mary’s in Long Beach.  Knowing there would be a handful of top industry peeps at this date, I invited Celeste to join me.  Since she is almost finished with cosmetology school, so I knew she would grab some great inspiration from the range of pros on this date!  


    (JoshXO, Russell Mayes, me, Randy Taylor & Douglas McCoy)

    It was kinda awesome because as soon as we approached Hamburger Marys, a handful of the others rolled out of a cab.  Some I had met before, but others that were Hairbrained.me friends, including founder Randy Taylor.  Eeeek.  #Stoked  In fact, JoshXO interviewed me on CrossCheck TV a few months back but this was our first face to face meeting. #HesCool  The Hair Nerds: Erin, Amanda & Carrie were also ready to get down on some burgers.  So in rolls our group led by Douglas McCoy, super passionate Bumble stylist & House of Pop creator, to discover that our #’s were going to shut this restaurant down.  A huge group beat us there to snag some tables and we weren’t even greeted by anyone.  Drinks were grabbed at the bar and to be honest with you I couldn’t get the fact that a Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles was lurking right next door out of my mind.   I did some simple math and realized we wouldn’t be served at Marys anytime tonight, so I rang up Roscoes and got the green light that they could make room for 12 of us within 20 minutes.  #Amazing


    When given the opportunity to get down on crispy hot fried chicken dipped in sweet hot maple syrup & delivered to my tongue on a fluffy bit of cinnamon waffle, the Cheeseburger would just have to wait.  Sorry sweetheart!

    Alicia & Peycey were the best servers we could want.  They made all 12 of us feel like we were their only table, & trust me, we were not!  I ate 3 crispy legs & a waffle dripping in syrup.  It was to die for!  I actually could have eaten double that, DON”T JUDGE ME, but I didn’t because of my red lipstick. 


    Celeste and I ready to inhale some chicken legs!


    Let me ask you a question:

    I interviewed some of the Cheeseburger Date #20 guests to give you the full spectrum of our food & evening.  Here’s what they had to say-

    What did Celeste think about flying the Hamburger Marys coup over to Roscoes?  “It was like a slam dunk.  I was so excited. There was almost zero customer service at Marys and then when I grabbed my own menu, I was unimpressed.  It looked like a TGIFridays menu.”   “I love Roscoe’s.  It is probably 1 of my top 5 favs.”Plus she adds “It was cool to sit next to Douglas Mccoy, since he is a huge supporter of all things p!ay hair lounge on Facebook and the other social sites that I manage.”  “I was also thrilled to meet The Hair Nerds & a student that they were mentoring, Heather.  I was lucky to have a cool opportunity to hang with these experienced professionals who have the same hair passion that I do.”  

    JoshXO recalls”Every bite was like staring into the face of your creator and having him tell you,”YOU ARE MY GREATEST CREATION!”

    Russell adds “Chicken reminded me of grandma’s when I would visit Greenville Kentucky. Well, with it watching her butcher the chicken. Haha.  After finishing I felt like I was Jabba the Hutt. But much happier!”

    John’s thoughts- “As usual, the smart hairdressers found a place with cheap booze and then sniffed out fabulous food next door. It’s been years (ok, since high school) since I’ve had a succulent breast and it nearly changed me.”


    Erin Short of The Hair Nerds recalls her fear when she saw the night taking a turn…
    “Since June I have been obsessively stalking Brig’s “Attack of the Cheeseburger” blog… I know that buns are important to her and she likes a hearty size burger with a nice pile of fries. Let’s just say my knowledge of Brig’s cheeseburger preferences is out of control (Some might even say it is even unhealthy!). At first, I felt panic beginning to overtake me when I heard our cheeseburger date was turning into a chicken date. However, being a “glass half full” kinda girl.. I thought -Score! We are going on the first chicken and waffles date!” How about the food, Erin?


    "It tasted incredible! It was like my Grammy’s fried chicken and gravy… I would say I am a bit of a gravy connoisseur as I am from Texas. Also, it occurred to me as I drenched my crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside waffle in syrup that I had never actually eaten a waffle. How is it I just turned 30 and this delicious concoction has never graced my plate?! (For the record, Erin failed to clean off her plate, but I won’t discount her for that..
    “At one point during the meal, JoshXO looked at me and said “This is the most fun I have had at a show in a really long time..”. Thinking over the weekend and sitting at this table surrounded by my favorite people in the world, hairdressers… I realized it had been an exceptional weekend. We could have gone on a Liver and Onions date and I wouldn’t have complained because we all shared it together.” said Erin.

    Carrie Bailon- MacDonald (The Hair Nerds)  felt “like a fatty!” after finishing her chicken & waffles.
    “As I sat there stuffing my face with Brig, Josh XO, Russell Mayes, Douglas McCoy and John McCormick, I felt pretty lucky to share my first Roscoe experience with such bad ass company!”


    Amanda & Carrie- HUNGRY!

    & HAPPY!-image

    What a wonderful experience! 


    (Brent Hardgrave even made a cameo at our date! Back center)


    The Hair Nerds & I (Amanda, Carrie & Erin, post chicken)

    Until next time, don’t forget to vote on my question above & follow my blog!  I promise more #FoodPorn soon! :) plumply yours, Brig

    P.S. Erin Short, I owe you a actual “Cheeseburger Date”! Hit me up next time you are in So.Cali…

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