1. Oink Oink! - Cheeseburger Date #19

    It’s the afternoon before I head over to The Oinkster in Eagle Rock.  My client Lori Paul who knows tons about great food, highly recommended this place.  I decided to scope it out on Yelp and found over 2000 reviews!  Whoa! Everyone loves it including Guy Fieri of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  It claims to be slow fast food made with quality ingredients.  I wonder if they will hand me a pig snout to wear while I eat?  I was warned there would be a line… Lets see… I’m leaving my house soon and I am hungry!


    I am pleasantly surprised when I pull up.  The Oinkster looks modern and really cool.  For some reason I pictured some hokey bbq joint with a huge pig strapped to the top of the building.  This was not that.  I could see a healthy amount of people inside enjoying their food.  This looked promising & I was starving!  I walked up to the register, (no line, score!) and checked out the easy to read, under $10 menu. image

    When I was ready I really wasn’t sure if the silent guy behind the register was on break, or worked there.  "Ready?" he whispers.   Wow, that was that his greeting?  Joseph might want to work on that.  He had a “I could care less attitude.”  "How may I help you?" would have satisfied me. I ordered my usual, bacon cheeseburger plain. 1/3lb patty.  Got a bit crazy with the cheese and ordered a additional slice +  fries, extra crispy and a vanilla shake.    While I’m paying I get a tap on the shoulder and hear "Cheeseburger Date?"  Who is this?  I turn and it’s  my talented  make-up artist friend, Laci Hill.  Who happens to be a Oinkster regular.  Obviously she’d been holding out on me by not telling me about this place.  Busted! 

    She invites me to join her.  I do. image

    I can’t help but notice while I wait for my food and catch up with Laci, that there are 2 light bulbs out in the huge 1960 ball lights in the dining room.  I feel that light bulbs out at a business show laziness.  I’m crazy about that at my business.  I also think it’s bad luck.  Another thing I notice is a white napkin in the middle of the floor.  My first instinct is to pick it up, yet I hold back to see how long it takes a Oinkster employee to pick it up.  

    Laci’s burger arrives first and I have to watch her begin the disappearing of the burger act.  I’m dying, looks really good! 


    My vanilla shake arrives and I am pleasantly thrilled that it is perfect,  Great taste because apparently they use Fosselman’s Ice Cream + the perfect thick/thin.  Fits nicely through the straw and into my mouth! 


    Next my Cheeseburger & fries! I’m slightly alarmed at first because my Cheeseburger looks a bit small.  I realize upon first bite that this is a illusion since the fries are a huge pile.  The Cheeseburger is incredible.  Its juicy and the bacon is smoked to perfection.  The cheese is gooey and thats a great thing! The fries are actually exceptional.  They taste unique.  Crispy, yet light, I can’t get enough! YUUUUUUMMMMYYY!  The only thing I would change is the bun.  I know, I know, here I go again.  Like Goldilocks with her porridge.  The bun was a bummer.  It reminded me of the buns you get with a food truck burger.  Why are buns so often overlooked?  I wish this perfect meat, cheese & bacon was delivered to my mouth on a fluffy, piece of heaven like the bun I had at Eureka Burger in San Luis Obispo.  image

    Embarrassingly, before Laci tells you this, I could not finish my Oinkster.  I did not get a snout to wear out of the restaurant.  Actually I don’t think those exist, but they should! 

    As I left, the napkin still remained victorious on the floor after I watched at least 4 Oinkster employees step over it.  Its the details everybody, it just is….


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