1. Jones’n for Cheeseburger Date #17

    imageSo I visited the most awesome people in Colorado over X-mas break, The Jones.  Todd’s parents let me slump around their home for a week while I decompressed from 2012.  A Cheeseburger Date was necessary.  I wondered if Connie & Doug could hang with my habit.  I googled “best cheeseburger in Colorado”.  Crave Real Burgers was at the top of the list and they even won the 2012 Denver Burger Battle.  Wow! I was excited and hungry.  Todd, his parents and I loaded into the truck and trekked to Castle Rock for our lunch. image

    The second I walked through the door of Crave I was pleased to have a 100% clear view of the grill including piles of some perfect bacon.image

      We were sat quickly, but not before we were able to drool a bit near the milkshake making counter.  Yup! Reminded me a bit of GO! Burger.  They also offered “adult” shakes here. (Here’s Connie & Doug eyeing the milkshake machine.)image

    (Doug was sporting his Broncos jersey for the big game this day 12/30.  It must have been good luck because the Broncos killed the Chiefs 38-3 YOUCH!)

      I, of course, ordered a chocolate/vanilla shake.  Once our server Spencer came to take our food orders, I decided to see if he could handle my picky chick requests.  He did. “Fries well done & could you please cut my Cheeseburger into 4?”  “Absolutely!” Great customer service.  Doug ordered the crazy SLOPPER-a green chile smothered cheeseburger over a grilled cheese sandwich, topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, poblanos, pico, sour cream and avocado.  Yikes! Todd chose “3 Little Pigs”- pulled pork, ham, bacon, beef patty, cheese, and onion strings, yes that comes on a bun! It was HUGE!

     Connie & I kept it a bit more basic.  I did my usual plain Cheeseburger with Bacon.  Connie got a stock cheeseburger.


     When my shake arrived I almost ended up IN the glass.  It was sooo thick.  Too thick.  I was finally able to drink it towards the end of my meal. :(  Note to Crave: You need boba straws.


    Doug attacked the SLOPPER with a fork and knife and then didn’t eat anything for almost 24 hours!  He should have gotten an award like John Candy did finishing the 96oz steak in The Great Outdoors!  ”It was seriously terrific.  Great flavors and impossible to leave any on my plate.  It was just that good.”-Doug


    Connie reported her burger to have “looked pretty and tasted good.”  Nothing she hadn’t had before, but good.


    Todd LOVED his 3 Little Pigs. Pulled pork, beef pattie, bacon and ham covered in BBQ sauce.  He is uber picky and was a very satisfied customer! This is Todd’s happily fed face:


     The price for the extravagant selections surprised me- approx $11 & that included fries. It should ALWAYS include fries.  Unless tater tots are available.  Hey Crave: You should add a tater tot! Yeah! 


    My cheeseburger was really really good, even in 4’s.  Juicy, thick perfect bacon and plenty of cheese.  It was huge and cooked to my liking.  Although my fries came out undone, however Spencer was quick to remedy the error with a fresh plate of golden crispy perfect fries. Thanks Spencer! You were a great server & I loved your green glasses. imageCrave Menu

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