1. Went to GO Burger, again. Cheeseburger Date #16

    About 4 months ago I was determined to have a Cheeseburger Date even though I was sick with the flu.  So to GO Burger I went.  I was unimpressed and the review was not so great & recently I realized I should give them a fair shake and try them again while I was not sick.  The incredibly powerful, sweet & hungry Shannon Bevins, coincidently also my assistant at p!ay hair lounge braved the date.A

    In fact she insisted on paying partially in fact that I had treated her to a few meals (as her boss, shouldn’t I?!) and partially due to the mere fact that she is a very generous individual. She had no idea that I would be ordering not 1, but 2 GO Burgers.  Last time I was worried when my food came out and it look wimpy.  I wanted to be sure that my belly was stuffed this time around!  Shannon called when we were 15 minutes away from GO Burger to see if they would add us to the seating list and they did! Therri, the host and as we later learned, also the GM, made sure we were sat quickly and that we were comfortable.  I appreciated his hospitality.  GO Burger was packed!  It was a Saturday night in Hollywood, so of course this was no surprise.  How quickly our ordered was taken and delivered to our table WAS a surprise!

    Shannon went with the BLT with avocado. (They forgot the bacon, which was pretty funny, but remedied it quickly at our request.

    I ordered not 1, but 2 GO Burgers with American Cheese.  YUMMY!  Fries arrived hot and cooked to perfection!  I must have obviously been out of it during my  first Cheeseburger Date at GO Burger, cuz after this recent visit I highly recommend it!  I finished 1.5 Burgers, BUT I did also have a belly full of their fabulous milkshake.  Non-alcoholic this time around and delicious!

    My last review of GO Burger was obviously way off since I was sick, but if you want some humor, here it is… 

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