1. Lucky #SIX. Cheeseburger Date #15

    I was surprised to find chicken & waffles on the menu at The Six.  Tempting, but I was there for the Cheeseburger of course!  I’d read about it in AAA’s WestWays Magazine.  Yes, I read every issue in hopes to find some new CA place that might be worth trying & The Six happened to be local & the article bragged about the burger.  I headed over for a very late lunch at about 3:45p.m.  The Six is located on Ventura Boulevard in Studio City.  It really is in the thick of it!  Parking was fine when I was there, but I couldn’t imagine it at night when its busy.  Be warned. 

    The space was small, but outfitted with recycled woods & up-cycled fixtures.  It has a modern antique vibe.  I sat outside.  There is a beautiful large outdoor back patio area that was very nice.  I could see enjoying a meal with a large group of friends in this area.  For beverages, I went for their lemonade. 

    When I asked the server if it was Minute Maid, she shot me a look of death and said “Oh no, we make it here.”  Good.  I don’t want to pay $3 a glass for store bought shit.  Usually I find lemonade to be too tart, but The Six’s lemonade was perfect. 
    The Cheeseburger was large and juicy.  I enjoyed every last bite.  The fries were crispy and came out in the fancy paper cone.  I think that is just one way restaurants make it look like they are giving you a larger portion than they are.  It was actually plenty given the size of the Cheeseburger. 

    I wish I would have tried out The Six during a busier time, because the service was a bit lax due to the simple fact that they were prepping for a dinner service that would start at 6:30p.m.  They are closed from 4:30-6:30p.m.  Now I also didn’t account for getting stuck in 5 o’clock traffic on my drive home, but so it goes.  At least my belly was full, I had a smile on my face & the 25 Degrees Cheeseburger Date was now far behind me. 

    The Six- 12650 Ventura Boulevard
    Studio City, CA 91604

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