1. B-day Burger! Cheeseburger Date #14

    I  was invited to show some 2012 Emmy Red Carpet hair on KTLA Channel 5  Sunday, Sept 23rd.  I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to finally see why 25 Degrees at The Roosevelt Hotel was making all of the top Burgers in LA lists.

    Along with me were p!ay stylist Jessica & our models/friends: Celeste, Kaitlin & Taylor.  Don’t let the title “model” fool you, these girls were HUNGRY! 

         I called ahead for RSVP & was told they only take walk-ins.  Hmmm okay. I had to valet park & we walked through the hotel on the extremely dangerous highly slippery tile floor to 25 Degrees

    We waited slightly for a booth.  The interior was cool.  Nothing mind blowing, but stylish.  Once we were seated, our server *Randy made us feel very important.  (*1 letter has been changed to protect the possibly innocent) I asked about the chocolate shake & he brought a round of waters.  3 of the girls were under drinking age, I was driving & I think Jessica didn’t want to be the only one with a “drink”.  We stuck with water.  He forgot I had mentioned that the shake sounded good.  It was that annoying lapse of time until he finally returned and I ordered it.  We ordered our Cheeseburgers.  The fries arrived 15 minutes before the Cheeseburgers which was bummer since I ate all of mine before my Cheeseburger turned up. After we ordered, we never really saw him again.  He was busy with customers ordering alcohol.  Our food was left on our table like a hit & run.  No one asked "Is there anything else I can bring you?"  Just barely worse that when they ask you that as they are walking away from your table. :( The size of the Cheeseburger was almost alarming, but also exciting since it was my birthday.


    My Cheeseburger was good. Average good.  However the meat was dry.  :( The bun was better than average.   When it came time to get the check I was almost ready to start walking out.  Over 10 minutes after we requested it after already waiting 10 minutes since our table was cleared, it came.  Finally we made it back to the valet to realize that 25 degrees could have validated our parking slip, only no one suggested it & i forgot.  Arggghh.  I didn’t want to brave a broken leg to go back for it, so I just paid full price and was ready to get the hell out of dodge.   I have ZERO desire to go back.  The service was more up then down that a roller coaster.   The worst best part is that I am a GREAT tipper.  I laughed when the check suggested 18%.  After that lack of service, try 15%.  I would have easily tipped over 20% for a great Cheeseburger Date.  The best thing about this Cheeseburger Date was my guests!  The girls were fun, funny & put up with my questionable driving of Todd’s Jeep.  It seats 6, my mustang only seats 4, or 2 honestly.  But still, you try driving stick through Hollywood with stiletto “thigh high” leather boots constricting your thighs! A bit less plumply yours, :) Brig

    More shots from our Hollywood adventure!

    Kaitlin looks right out of a b&w film!

    Jessica & Celeste enjoy the sights!

    Taylor turns heads while posing for a quick shot!

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