1. Where Did My Burger GO? -Cheeseburger Date #4

    For the record, as I share the juicy details of Cheeseburger Date #4, I am inhaling the smell from the In & Out Burger 1 block over.  Serious burger lovers- DO NOT BUY A HOUSE a block away from a In & Out Burger.  It will result in a entirely new super-sized wardrobe! It’s almost impossible that I can smell it.

      I am sick.  Thought it was over on Friday & it came back for me. 

    A 2 headed sick monster.    I have however dosed up on NyQuil, Sudafed, Advil & Mucinex. Even though I didn’t feel 100% I still insisted on this Cheeseburger Date. 

    Who- GO Burger
    Why- Rumors of a spiked milkshake & Facebook friend James Jordan recommended it!
    With- Todd Jones, my super boyfriend

    Perks- Free 1 hour parking with valid. Friendly hostess.
    Purse hooks under the bar=

    There is zero wait, it is Monday night.  This is probably a “scene”spot on the weekends. 
    What is impressing me is the milkshake menu.  “Twinkie Boy” is what Todd gets.  It is illegally sweet, laced with caramel & Twinkie. Even though I’m not a drinker, I chose a Black + White spiked with Vodka.  Why not, I’m in Hollywood!

    For the burger, I’m going with my usual.  At GO Burger they call it a Backyard Burger.  Todd does the same, but adds Chipotle Mayo.  I am including him in this because my sense of taste cannot be trusted tonight.  I get  skinny fries.  Ironic.  Todd goes w/ waffle fries.

    GO Burger looks like somewhere I’ve been before, many times. Very generic, but nice decor.  Talking Heads over the speakers which makes me a happy chic.
    I’m waiting for my order and know that if it sucks, McDonalds is a fry throw away.

    Our order arrives and I’m thinking “Did I order 1 slider?”   I’m nervous.  It’s small. Being 5’9” this reminds me of a blind date and when the guy shows up, he’s 5’7”.  There was a pickle sliver, but I eradicated that before the shot.  I hate the pickle on the plate dealy, or anywhere for that matter.  YUCK!!

    The fries are in their separate vessel and look more promising that my Cheeseburger.  They’re awesome.  Not crispy, but crunchy! 

    Todd is devouring his waffle fries and is a happy man.  Says they remind him of Carls Jr waffle fries.

    I cut my burger into quarters to make it seem bigger.  Its good. Meat is seasoned.  It’s no Hole in the Wall Burger, but good.  Todd says his is excellent.  He gives his an 8 out of 10.

    Our shakes arrive and mine if on fire! Literally, which is pretty damn cool. The server sends mine out with a sparkler per my request.  The sparkler is supposed to come with a specific “July 4th” shake. The sparkler made my night! I think the Cheeseburger should come out with a sparkler! Unfortunately now that I’m 5 nose blows into dinner(I’m a very sexy date tonight), all I taste is the Vodka and wonder why me, a non- drinker orders a spiked milkshake. Duh.

    After everything, my Cheeseburger was filling, or possibly the fries were.  Service was nice, however when our food was brought the runner dropped it and ran.  Never asked “Can I bring you anything else?”

    We needed napkins and ketchup. 

    Todd likes to waltz into kitchens for ketchup, so that he did.  When napkins were brought 5 minutes later, only 2 were given.  Maybe this is their way of being eco-friendly. 

    Avoid the 1 restroom.  Eeek.

    I’d like to rename this GO Milkshake and serve burgers as sides.  You feel me?  (Nose blow then NyQuil shot)  Still plumply yours :0 brig

    P.S. Check out my lastest weigh-in here

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