1. Lobster Burger?? - Date #1

    I read about a surf + turf burger at Kerry Simon’s LA Market in Food Network Magazine.   That was my plan until I verified the menu could accommodate my guest, Aly Frank- vegetarian & found that the surf + turf burger, was no longer available.  :(

    I googled "best cheeseburger los angeles 2012" & up came:

    Who- Hole in the Wall Burger

    It has to be good when it has a NEON RED burgers sign in the window, right?!

    When- 6-10-12

    Date- Aly Frank -snowboarder, thespian & super stylist at p!ay hair lounge

    Why- “Best Burger in LA”

    What- Pretzel Bun

     The name was spot on.  After driving by it twice, we found it!  Locate on your map then park and find it on foot. The neon sign is not that bright during the daytime.

    The entire experience was wonderful. 

    Here’s how it went-

    To order we filled out a checklist and had ample help from the owner, Susan who had tons of pride in her business. 

    Our food arrived to our table in about 7 minutes.  LONG before we wondered where it was.  It was love at first sight!

    I like my cheeseburger plain with only american or cheddar cheese & the occasional bacon.  No veggies, no sauce, no nothing.  (Cost- $8.95)

    Here the size of the burger is a 8oz patty that, I was told, is 16% fat compared to the usual 33%.   A huge amount of “crispy & bomb-ass”(aly words) fries accompanied it. Fries here are wicked.

    Aly went w/ a chicken burger & hers was a bit dry, but she still very much enjoyed it.

    Embarrassingly, I could not finish.   I tried, but it just wouldn’t fit in my tummy. 

    It was juicy, HUGE & our date could NOT have been better.  To top it off, I forgot it was Gay Pride weekend & we were smack in the middle of West Hollywood.  A very cool celebration to stumble upon! 

    Brig’s Eye View- *Cool decor & clean bathroom.

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